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We’ve all probably been watching a bit too much Netflix, even before the pandemic.

Since we have a lot of high and epic fantasy fans, did any of you catch The Witcher, based on the book series? The good thing about the debut season (and most of the Netflix series these days) was that every one of its ten episodes looked like a real blockbuster movie. The scenes were truly epic looking. But when you’re spending $15 million an episode what else would you expect. (How can Netflix possibly keep spending that kind of money? But we’ll save that question for another blog article)

However, as we all know, great visuals still don’t mean that the movie is any good. Here’s one reviewer’s opinion:

The Witcher review: Netflix’s painfully transparent attempt to fill the Game of Thrones void with more blood and boobs

The Witcher’s showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has responded to bad reviews of the fantasy series, saying: “I don’t welcome unsubstantiated meanness”.

At the time of writing, the show has a low score of 58% on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

The Independent’s critic Nick Hilton described the series, which stars Henry Cavill as a monster hunter, as “Netflix’s painfully transparent attempt to fill the Game of Thrones void with more blood and boobs”.

But it was one review in particular that Hissrich took issue with. Darren Franich at Entertainment Weekly wrote that he had skipped ahead to the fifth episode without watching the first few because “life’s too short for Netflix drama running times”. He also described the show as a “borefest”.

I agree with this reviewer. I’m going to be writing a big blog article on fantasy shows as I wrap up my own Fabled Quest Chronicles epic fantasy series. But I wanted to get your comments.

Do you agree with the reviewer's opinion on the Netflix series, The Witcher? Comment Below

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  1. I’ve never seen the Witcher or the Game of Thrones, so I can’t say whether I agree with the reviewer yet.

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t have Netflix and have never seen The Witcher before so can’t say I agree with Darren Franich’s review or not.

  3. I haven’t read the books or played the games but I loved the series. I could do without so much nudity but it wasn’t bad like Game of Thrones with the overuse of shock value.

  4. I don’t agree, since I really enjoyed watching The Witcher, and it got me into reading the books. I can respect others might have different opinions though

  5. I somewhat agree that there is, as in a lot of TV shows, a whole lot of extra nudity that really doesn’t bring that much. The visuals are great though. I am fairly biased having discovered Witcher first through the game, then the books, but I am still watching the show despite the unnecessary boobs.

  6. There’s so little quality fantasy that people gravitate toward anything in this genre. I watched it, was somewhat entertained, and will most likely watch the next season.

  7. I quite enjoyed the series. That said, I haven’t read the books or played the game and I imagine I wouldn’t have enjoyed the TV show as much if I had – as is usually the case with screen adaptations. I have heard it said that the show didn’t go into enough detail, and I admit, I found it a little confusing until I realised about the time jumps. But, overall, I liked it.

  8. I have not read any thing in The Witcher series, although I have watched some on Netflix, but it did not catch my interest. I will give it another change, though.

  9. I watched it and thought it was entertaining (which is Netflix’s purpose) but not epic. And I really expected epic from that budget.

  10. Hi,

    I did not see the series, yet only by watching a few random scenes on youtube , an instant comparison with the game series which i played, to my shame only 2 out of 3 releases, comes to mind : The game is better 🙂

  11. No; I don’t agree. I have not read the book series so I am going into this show with no preconceived ideas and that dwfinitely does make a difference. However, my spouse and I have both really enjoyed the show thus far.

  12. I have not watched the Witcher. Life has carried on as normal for me, no covid down time. I prefer to read over television if I have spare time.

  13. Did not agree with the negative review. I believe this could be start to a really great series, it was entertaining at least.

  14. I have enjoyed watching the series so far, but there are a few things to be said:

    I love the Witcher universe and lore – hence I would normally be very critical of a TV series. However, for this series the tendency seems to be the opposite. Without spoiling the excellent books they consist partly of many short stories – partly of one large story with many side-stories. There is a lot of missing background-information and there is no clear timeline in the order of the books.

    Many seem to criticize the series for jumping between timelines and being a bit confusing, but honestly that is a lot like the books. It makes sense as the author is supervising the production of the series as well. Much like H.P. Lovecraft I don’t think Sapkowski ever thought his books would create an actual “mythos” and be read by so many people. Many of his stories are inspired by either Eastern European folklore or fairy tales – for instance both Snowwhite and Beauty and the Beast are inspirations for two of his stories – odd as it may sound.
    To actually get some of the background for characters such as Yennefer is actually partly new to book-readers as well. Sapkowski must have worked hard to actually tie a line between many of the characters and plots – and I commend him for his effort.

    One final note: I honestly CANNOT respect reviewers that say they skipped entire episodes. It is kind of like walking out on Fight Club after an hour and fifteen minutes – then giving it a review based on what you have seen. Or listening to three songs on an album and then reviewing the entire thing. If you are not going to see it through your review is only helpful to one small sample of people: Those who share your tastes 90%+. Now they are not going to bother.

  15. I loved the visuals and world building of the series, but it felt like they only cared about the names of the characters and not the story.

  16. I think people are to impatient. When you are trying to build a world it takes some time to flush out all the characters. Hopefully season2 will have a bit more action to keep people involved.

  17. I’ve actually enjoyed the series so far, but I can see where some of the reviews are coming from. I did expect a bit more action for the amount of effort and money they were putting into the show. I’ve only recently started reading the books and am only 4 books in so far, so maybe I’ll feel more strongly after finishing them all.

  18. I loved the visuals and world building of the series, but it felt like they only cared about the names of the characters and not the story.

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