Want to Stay Alive in the Lands of Magic and Monsters? (Fabled Quest Chronicles)

Then Build a Team That Rocks!

For more than six months, I’ve been immersed in my new epic fantasy series, the Fabled Quest Chronicles. I call it “Lord of the Rings meets King Solomon’s Mines.” From Avalonia, one of the Seven Empire regions of the Lands of Man on Pan-Earth, begins the most fantastic and dangerous journey beyond imagination, both mortal and magical, of men and monsters, by day and night—all to reach the limitless riches of the magic kingdom of Atlantea. The year-long trek winds through Titan’s Trail from the realm of humans to those of the fae. The caravan encounters unicorns and mermaids, but they also face ogres, trolls, and many malevolent creatures of evil. 

We meet the mysterious Traveler—a human who hasn’t only visited the lands of magic but lived there for a time. Now the epic adventure begins. But how does one survive?

Part I

Character Tease (Non-Spoiler) – “Character Cloud”

Magical swordsman + animal shape-shifter + elfin princess + exorcist/spectral slayer + king + berserker warrior + forge/weaponsmith + young scribe + the man Hobbs + and more!


Part II

Character Snapshot (Spoiler)
*Do not read anymore if you want to be surprised when you read the books

Character Profiles
1 Hobbs – the steward of Titan’s Caravan, formerly of the Theogar Royal Family. He is the first one we meet and as the story unfolds we come to realize that he is the foundation of the caravan. 

2 Traveler – the caravan master, both trailmaster and guide, swordsman, and healer. His knowledge of the magical lands surpasses even most fae. With his magical sword, he can even defeat an elf in battle, which, for a human, is supposed to be impossible.

3 Dog – the dog is actual not a dog. Traveler’s animal companion is a shape-shifter from another world. (Yes, I had to add a little sci-fi to the series.) 

4 Lady Aylen – the princess of Sirnegate. Strong-willed like most nobles but she is much more than human. She is a being of magic too.

5 Maiden Gwyness – Lady Aylen’s aid, who wears a unique amulet. She, too, has secrets.

6 Estus the Forge – the caravan’s jovial forge, weaponsmith, and weaponsmaster. Where else could one handle elfin, dwarvin, and goblin steel but on a journey into the lands of magic? 

7 Pangolin the Berserker – the caravan’s master-at-arms and warrior, bearer of a magical ax-mace called the Mountain Breaker, and wearer of enchanted body armor.

8 Quillin the Scribe – the caravan’s young scribe and chronicler of a bestiary of the magical lands of myth and fables–an account of its fantastic beasts, races, and monsters.

9 King Aereth the Wise – the caravan’s sage King of Helm Earldom, and the royal trio known as the Kings Elder. He has “history” with the evil Four Kings.

10 Fae members (Books 2 and 3) – fairies, sprites, fauns, elves and more.

Titan’s Caravan is a human-fae caravan on a fabled trek to a legendary kingdom of riches and power.

Which Character Sounds the Most Intriguing to You?

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