Thy Kingdom Fall: How Bad is Bad?

When we think of world wars, this is the image we think of.

But the coming war in the After Eden series will be “worse”–“A-bombs are so 20th century.” “We’re the people of the future and we can be more “creative” in our global wars.” And that’s exactly what they do.

America will transform from majority religious to majority irreligious

America is a Christian nation, meaning the majority of the population identifies as being Christian. However, having been a Christian for over four decades and an active observer, I’d assert we are already there. An author already coined the phrase: “Christian atheist.” The two areas I’m most interested in is doctrinal knowledge (why do we believe what we believe, what is the history of faith) and self-protection. You can’t defend who you are as a people if you don’t know who you are and where you came from—your enemies surely do and quoting a verse or two doesn’t cut it.

Some might say that America becoming less religious is better. I would agree that in the Muslim world that becoming “less” religious is best (and the only way the religion can survive, in my opinion—remember has never had its Reformation like Christianity and Judaism), but America is different. Do you have to be religious to be good? No, but in the macro sense for America, the answer is yes. An irreligious America is not the same as a religious one. The former is a completely different nation that the latter. If America, simply becomes “one of the boys on the global stage” then not only does America get worse, so does the world. The world would let Israel be wiped off the face of the map. The world allowed almost one million Rwandans to be slaughtered by machete-wielding animals in its three month genocide (that’s a faster kill rate than even the Nazis) and did nothing. The world says nothing as global sex slavery endures—women and children, gays and those of the “wrong” religion are exterminated in the Muslim world, one atrocity after another. It’s America that leads any opposition, if there is any to have. If America becomes the “world”, then that means the world will do what it always does in the face of evil—nothing.

In Thy Kingdom Fall, we see this transformation accelerate through politics. Some group must be found to hate to rally the people against—for good of the nation. That group targeted is religious people—the only people who could potentially fight back and increasingly totalitarian nation through technological advance.

Western Europe will transform from secular to Islamic

Regardless of whether you’re religious or not, the simple fact is secular people don’t have children and religious people do—unless those religious become more and more secular in their behavior and world view. Secular Europe has had a negative population growth for decades, meaning they have not had enough children to replace the population. Due to their socialistic society and massive welfare state they did not have enough workers with the shrinking and ageing of that workforce. Solution: import workers from other countries—those workers were large numbers of Muslims, who worked but a disturbing number were not interested in assimilating. Please do not recite the politically correct, knee-jerk, university propaganda definition of “assimilation.” My definition is simple: you’re a citizen or you were born in that country, you are the country and should be proud. You’re not an outsider. Sadly, Western Europe is going to reap a very bad future for its societal politics and policies with a radical population shift.  For Western Europe, there is one group that is having lots of children—Muslims populations. It is simple math: Islam will take over Western Europe within 25 to 50 years.

In Thy Kingdom Fall, we see this transformation of Europe take place through the eyes of an analyst who becomes the American president—and he’s not a good guy, but he sure is ruthless in protecting America from Islam. Too bad he views the pacifist Amish as the same as an Islamic terrorist.

Technology will allow us to do things that we shouldn’t be doing

There have been plenty of science fiction books and movies about it. The scary fact is that is no longer fiction. From artificial intelligence to cloning to genetic engineering, it is all here now. I wish I could say that all this god-like power unequivocally made humans better, but I can’t and 80 years in the future…Thy Kingdom Fall says our brave new world will become quite a scary place for all involved.

One of my reviews of an After Eden novel asked is “Austin Dragon the next Nostradamus”. Flattering, of course, but even as a child, I have had the ability to see trends far beyond my years.  Thy Kingdom Fall is serious sci-fi and after the next book in the series, Red Halo, we get to the event that’s been teased from the beginning—World War III. It’s a thriller serious, but it is all very grim.

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