It is the morning of September 11, 2125. The New York City police commissioner stands on the 170th floor of the Three Towers clutching his chest above his heart in shock. The sky goes dark, filled with dozens of them—the opening attack of World War III! Not merely the planet’s third global war, but the first one of the Tek Age—a hell we had never seen before.

How did we ever get to this place?

The international, sci-fi thriller by Austin Dragon—a dramatic mix of politics, religion, and intrigue set over 75 years in the future. What begins with the murder of Washington DC’s most powerful king-maker, leads to the explosion of World War III.

The world is a very different place: Western Europe has fallen to the Islamic Caliphate, Israel is gone, Eastern Europe has merged with Russia and Beijing runs the anti-American Chinese-Indian Alliance. 

America is very different too: the US Constitution has been found unconstitutional and replaced, presidential term limits are gone, and the culture wars are over. The three-term American President is obsessed with keeping the nation safe at all costs—by ending religiosity.  He wages his own personal war against Jews and Christians.  Only the Resistance stands in his way.

Thy Kingdom Fall is Book One of the epic AFTER EDEN series.


A heart-racing thriller!

“This futuristic thriller will grab you and take you on an emotional, spiritual, and political ride that you won’t forget. I loved it!”

An Eerie Thought of What is to Come

“This sci-fi, futuristic Tek world is an eerie thought of what is to come. Surveillance drones hovering overhead 24/7. A.I. in our homes, our ears, everywhere we look. No more pets, how about a robo-dog?…I’m definitely looking forward to book two of this series!”


“Austin Dragon has created a book that will not only captivate its reader from the very first sentence, it will not let go until the very last word and leave you eagerly awaiting more. Thy Kingdom Fall has all the elements to make a perfect story that includes so many aspects all over the spectrum of genres that includes thriller, science fiction, religion, politics, and so much more. A. Dragon’s writing style will go under my classification as one of the top 10 authors I’ve read.”

World of tomorrow today!

“When I read the description of this book I had to give it a read. What’s not to like politics, thriller, action adventure, intrigue, and imminent war on the horizon…The author has made the technology believable as it will probably be in the future. The author has put together a very amazing world with vividly portrayed characters.”