Theme of the Month: February 2016

The After Eden Series. The Sleepy Hollow Horrors. And now Liquid Cool!


I’ve been teasing my new upcoming cyberpunk detective series, Liquid Cool, for awhile now. So to help I released a prequel short, These Mean Streets, Darkly. As you can read from a featured Amazon review below, that only partially “eased the pain.”


Well the wait is over, or the wait is practically over. Liquid Cool will be released in two weeks for the Valentine’s weekend on February 13th! So for the next two months it will be all about the Liquid Cool Detective Agency, our protagonist, Cruz; and the rainy, super-city of Metropolis with its tech-tricksters, analog hustlers, digital gangsters, and assorted cyborgs.

Here are two previous blog posts about the new series of interest:


Grab your FREE Liquid Cool prequel today on Amazon or Kobo today! …to hold you over until the debut novel arrives.


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