The Two-Headed Snake Part I: Mega-Corporations

Green eye Corp

Alien. Robo-Cop. Just a couple of the science-fiction movies where dastardly mega-corporations rule. But that rule is never benevolent–always for profit and power. There is never a concern for the average Joe or Jane on the street. Cyberpunk fiction amplified the portrayal of the corporation (maybe, even capitalism) as the bad guy.

Well, I have never been anti-capitalist. I knew people who escaped from Communist countries and I lived for a year in a socialist one, which I enjoyed but would never live there permanently. Capitalism will never be perfect, but it’s superior to any other form of government. As is always the case, the problem is bad people, not that the system is bad. That is also the case with corporations–most good, some bad, and many in-between, just like people.

But with my new cyberpunk detective series, I want to put a new spin on things. What will my re-imagining of mega-corporations in a cyberpunk universe be? What do you think it will be?

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