Stars And Scorpions (After Eden Series, Book 2). The sci-fi, thriller continues. There is a conspiracy in Washington DC—to purge religiosity from the nation by, of all people, the president. Some say it’s his reaction to seeing the Fall of Western Europe to the Supreme Islamic Caliphate decades ago. Others say his motives are far more sinister. In America, the paramilitary leader of a secret Jewish group has set in motion a series of events. In Mexico, a young Catholic priest becomes a mythic leader, but will he live long enough to join the resistance?


“Part of what makes “Stars and Scorpions” so readable is how easily it seems our own world could flow into it–our modern-day dependence on an obsession with personal machines, the trouble in the Middle East, the increasingly inflammatory debates between the conservative right and the liberal left. The world the author describes is both fascinating and horrifying, amazing technology existing side by side with brutal violence and corruption. (The evil baby and the scorpion creatures even move beyond the realm of sci to horror, at least to me.) While I personally found Father Marcos to be the more compelling, sympathetic character, all of the book is interesting. I think it's important to note it's not exactly a light read–you really need to pay attention to dates, places, and characters–but I would recommend it to those who enjoy political thrillers, futuristic science fiction, and epic sagas.”

“This is such an exciting story that is downright scary. Anyone familiar with current events and a concern for our future will see just how spot on this series is. Power and corruption are the backdrop to this political thriller, the government wants complete control and they can't have religious zealots running around. This series is a great portrayal of what the world would look like if religion was illegal. Are we headed in that direction?”

“Star & Scorpions is a great addition to the series and will appeal to many. This series offers a great twist on sci-fi political thrillers and is a well-written, insightful series that is exciting and just a bit unsettling to see where we could be headed.”

“Just like in “Thy Kingdom Fall” the characters and setting have a depth that add to the top rate, action based, storytelling. This is a fun and well-written ride through science fiction landscapes in a story of political intrigue and revolutionary excitement.”