My July 2015 Summer Reading Offerings to You!

For those in America, I hope you had a great July 4th holiday!

Well, now that we’re back the theme for this month is Summer Reading! I’m featuring three selections for your consideration—two new and one re-release as part of my “triple-feature” campaign.

First is the latest of my ongoing After Eden science fiction series with Pure Conspiracy.



Pure Conspiracy (An After Eden Select Novel) is the companion novella in the After Eden science fiction and international thriller series by Austin Dragon—a dramatic mix of politics, religion, and intrigue. The year is 2096. Is there a plot to destroy the Faithers? Niccolo the Sicilian, tek-lords Goli and NIS, and Mr. Yang the ex-Yakuzu–Four men from four different Orders must find out no matter what it takes! But is there a larger conspiracy?–the three global superpowers (The United States, The Islamic Caliphate, and the Chinese-Indian Alliance), two new rising nations (The Russian Bloc and Brazil), or the Internationalists? Every apocalypse has a beginning. It all leads to the explosion of World War III—a hell never seen before!

I wrote this novel specifically as an introduction to the After Eden international, thriller series for new readers. It is a joy for existing readers and fans of the series too because we get to see the characters of the first three novels and get an introduction to characters of the not-yet-released fourth novel all in one book!

Now there are three main novels and three companion novellas in the After Eden Series. Pure Conspiracy hints at all that may be coming next in the saga. (Did you catch that it also introduced a key character and group of the fifth main After Eden novel?) We know how the saga ends—World War III—but we see how this apocalypse begins.

This is a dystopian science fiction series with strong political, cultural, and religious themes. The advancement of technology, both good and bad, is also a primary “character.”


Second is the re-release of the first story in my two-part After Eden Tek-Fall series, Metal Flesh. I just love the new cover! And it isn’t a new artist, but the same artist who I collaborated with to create this brand new image and it’s amazing.


Metal Flesh: Tek-Fall (Episode I) is the companion novella in the After Eden science fiction and international thriller series by Austin Dragon—a dramatic mix of politics, religion, and intrigue. The sci-fi, adventure follows the hunt for the elusive “Man Made Out of String.”  But who is this contract killer—or what is he? From the tek-cities of America to the Outlands of the Middle East, the sci-fi adventure thriller continues in the year 2093. Tek-World loves its artificial-intelligent mechanization, including robotic pets and ubiquitous drones. But humans have also created machines in their image—robots—using metal instead of flesh.

The Tek-Fall series is important to the After Eden saga in that it introduces two themes that will play a major—and disastrous—role in the coming World War III—‘thinking’ machines and man-made life-forms. Yes, A.I.-advanced, thinking robots and genetically–created creatures will be soldiers in this global war among the five superpowers.


Third and finally is the return to the genre that started it all for me a writer when I was a child—mystery! But to make things interesting I’m doing a hybrid—a cyberpunk detective series known as Liquid Cool. So I introduce the series with its prequel, These Mean Streets, Darkly.



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