Latest Kindle Giveaway – Summer 2019!

This summer comes the next novels in the sci-fi/cyberpunk detective Liquid Cool series! We get BioPunk Blues (Book 7), The Moon Is a Good Place to Die (Book 8), and Write Me a Murder on Jules Verne’s Island (Book 9). As a bonus, we also get the next installment of the Kindle Unlimited Liquid Cool: From the Crazy Maniac Files mini-seriesDigital Samurai (Book 2).

To celebrate, we launch our latest giveaway — The Liquid Cool Summer 2019 Kindle Giveaway! It begins Monday, July 8 and ends Wednesday, July 24th

All you need to enter the Giveaway is your email! However, if you want extra chances to win and spread the word, you have plenty of choices–as few or as many as you like.

For those Commenting on this page, the question is:

If you win the giveaway prize, what is the first ebook you’ll get — title, author, genre and why? Leave Your Comments Below.


Enter below for your chance to win!

Author Austin Dragon’s Liquid Cool Summer Kindle Giveaway!

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  1. If I am fortunate enough to win the giveaway prize, the first ebook/book I’ll get is Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie, which is a suspense novel. I’d get that book first because lately, I’ve had a great desire to finally read an Agatha Christie novel, given that I’ve actually never read one before. And Appointment with Death sounds like one of Agatha Christie’s more interesting novel titles to me. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win!

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