Intro – Through Titan’s Trail: (Fabled Quest Chronicles, Book 1)


Once upon a time

The known world of Pan-Earth, or the Lands of Man, was divided into the major continental regions of Larentia, Gondwana, Oceania, Laurasia, Baltica, Avalonia, and the uninhabited Borea. Of all the Seven Empires, however, it was only Avalonia, at its northernmost tip, that possessed the sole legendary gateway to the realm of the Magical Lands. Men had passed through the gateway in the millennia since its discovery in search of adventure and, later, riches—a gateway created by the ancient Titans themselves.

Long ago, before the dawn of man, fae, and beasts of light and darkness, was the Age of the Titans. They were gigantic humanoid beings of such size that their heads reached high above the clouds into the heavens. According to myth, a Titan known as the Maker of All Mountains was so devastated by the death of his beloved, he walked the entire circumference of Pan-Earth, dragging his fabled weapon, the Star Slayer, upon the earth. He inadvertently carved a massive valley, before he killed himself by leaping off the world to disappear into the void of space. This valley, cut through not only the known world, but every other realm, was known as Titan’s Trail, and the Avalonia gateway was its entrance.

Every three years, the northwestern lands of Avalonia became the starting point of the Kings’ Caravan—or simply the Caravan. Some twenty years ago, the Kings of Xenhelm began their royal ritual journey attracting men—royal, noble, and commoner alike, farmer and knight, apprentice and warrior—from every corner of the Lands of Man. It was a year-long journey like no other through unimaginable dangers, mortal and magical, by day and night, all for one reason—to obtain the limitless riches of its final destination—the magical kingdom of Atlantea. Most brave men would never risk such a venture filled with danger and death, even with the protection of the Caravan. However, there were plenty of men who would and gladly did so under the auspices of the Four Kings.

Caravan’s Row was the name given to that final road to the gateway, which wound through four main settlements. The journey even here was long and lonely. Many would die along the way, never to fulfill their dreams of beholding the Magical Lands, victims of robbers and marauders. So much sacrificed before even leaving the Lands of Man, possibly forever, as those that left on Caravan were never heard from again. The rural town of Hopeshire was the first of the settlements of Caravan Row.

The Fabled Quest Chronicles begin.

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