Hello 2018!

Welcome back. It’s 2018! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year’s holiday!

I start Year 6 as an indie author with 15 (yes, I can’t believe it either) books in three different genres. As I’ve said in the past, I don’t make New Years’ resolutions in January. I always plan out everything in the November and December of the previous year. So what’s the goal for 2018?

Well, right up front I probably will not do what I did last year by focusing exclusively for the year on only one series. There are many reasons I did so, but releasing six Liquid Cool novels in a year won’t happen again. Though, I know for fans, you couldn’t be happier. Liquid Cool is a great series, but this year will be more balanced. Here’s the overview:

#1. The release of my new Fantasy series! It was my VIP Readers’ Club Members who picked the genre. This spring I’ll deliver!
#2. More Liquid Cool! There will be two, so you’ll get more of Cruz & company in the ever-rain supercity of Metropolis with all the action and laughs you’ve come to expect.
#3. After Eden. This was my first series and it will be every bit an epic as my fantasy series. I now realize that I’ve been…stalling. The series involves multiple characters, groups, religions, nations all over the world, and takes place over the course of 100 years. Many of its fans say it’s not fiction but prophetic. It’s an epic that ends in the explosion of World War III. This year it gets its re-launch.
#4. Surprise. If I do the above, then I’ll do this one. So I’ll just keep it a secret until then. As with every year my goal is to do things Bigger and Better!

Also, I can’t leave this post without adding my link to my perennial post: Bobba Fett’s Top 12 New Year’s Resolution Tips! 

Oh…what do you think of the new website look?

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