Hello 2015!

Happy New Year!

I’m back and I hope you had a great Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Holiday.

holding future in sky2015. Amazing. Like I said this same day last year, when I was a child, the prospect of simply reaching the year 2000 seemed to be a significant milestone in itself that would usher in “the future.” Well, no flying cars, personal robots, or civilian space flights to lunar colonies for us. But as a “the glass is always half-full rather than half-empty” kind of guy, there so much more in the world that should be more worthy of our fascination.

Looking back at 2014, only my second year as a published author, I am very happy with my progress—four books released-to-date in my After Eden Series: Thy Kingdom Fall (Book #1), Stars Scorpions (Book #2), Rising Leviathan (Book #3) and a companion novella, Metal Flesh (After Eden Tek-Fall: Episode I). I said I would release three books at the start of that year and I did.

This year is going to be even more exciting as I, not only continue to release my books in my debut After Eden Series, but release brand new series and in new genres. Last fall, I upgraded my website to reflect that. I hesitate to tell you how many books I’m releasing this year because you might think I am an android or am paying others to write my books like James Patterson, but it’s all me. And I almost can’t believe it myself.

Let me say this. You have the following to look forward to in 2015:
1) Science Fiction. My After Series novels continue with Book #4 in the series and at least three companion novellas. I’ll also debut two completely new series—one is a mystery/cyberpunk hybrid and the other is straight, hard sci-fi.
2) Horror. Two horror novels will be released at the beginning of spring and another released later in the year.
3) Others. I’m also scheduled to release one fantasy novel and one YA dystopian novel this year.

I love science fiction, but I like other things too.

This year is my third year as an author and it will be my busiest year ever. But it is by no means an ordeal. What is that saying? “Find the thing you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” How true. There will be new book releases, but lots more too—from contests to free ebooks (exclusively for website subscribers) to online events. I’ll share it all as the month’s progress.

So what is my New Year’s resolution? To release several amazing books this year, continue my growth as an author, and provide value to you the reader/fan. It’s a short list, but an important one.

Quick Feedback Survey

Let me hear from you.

1) I’m also a blogger now, with weekly posts and an online newsletter published no more than twice a month. What can I do better as a blogger?
2) It’s the start of the New Year and I’m going to one busy author! What advice or suggestions do you have for me as an author?

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Thanks. And I hope you enjoy reading my books as much I enjoy writing them.

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