“Great Scott!” March 2016 Kindles & Kobo Super Giveaway!

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I get to pick-

In our last giveaway we asked participants which Kindle we should give away next as we continue our celebration of the release of my debut cyberpunk detective thriller series, Liquid Cool. The Kindle Fire HD 6 and Kindle Paperwhite were by far the most popular choices. But what about our Canadian readers and fans?

Well, rather than trying to figure out which one to give away, we decided to let YOU pick! So it's decided. TWO lucky winners will get to choose their prize–Amazon’s bestselling Kindle Fire HD 6 tablet or Kindle PaperWhite e-reader or the Kobo Glo HD tablet!  Our March 2016 Kindles and Kobo Super Giveaway begins Thursday, March 3rd and ends Wednesday, March 23rd!

Enter below for your chance to win!


Author Austin Dragon's “Great Scott!” March 2016 Kindles & Kobo Giveaway


For those Leaving Comments on this page for the Giveaway, the question is:

What is Your Favorite Sci-Fi and Detective Movies. If Liquid Cool is a genre blend of sci-fi and detective thriller, name both your favorite science fiction and detective movie. (For example: Blade Runner + The Big Sleep)


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Austin Dragon

Author of over 20 books in science fiction, fantasy, and classic horror. His works include the epic fantasy Fabled Quest Chronicles, the cyberpunk detective Liquid Cool series, the international epic After Eden Series, and the classic Sleepy Hollow Horrors. He is a native New Yorker but has called Los Angeles, California home for more than twenty years. Words to describe him, in no particular order: U.S. Army, English teacher, one-time resident of Paris, political junkie, movie buff, Fortune 500 corporate recruiter, renaissance man, and dreamer.

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  1. My favorite sci-fi and detective movies are Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Zodiac. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win!

  2. Sherlock Holmes + Spy kids
    and thank you for bringing such opportunities for less privileged people to whom reading matters 🙂 gracias

  3. The 5th Element and se7en or The Bone Collector (depending on my my mood). I clicked the extra bonus by mistake. Thank you.

  4. The Star Wars heptalogy (I did not make that word up) is my favourite set of sci-fi movies. And who doesn’t like the Sherlock Holmes movies? RDJ makes a great Holmes!

  5. My favourite Sci-Fi film would be The 5th Element and my favourite detective film would be se7en (gotta love Gwyneth Paltrows head in a box!). Xxx

  6. hmmm for Sci-Fi I have just recently watched the Fly, (I know I know it came out in 1986 but what can I say, I’m always last to the party.) and it was brilliant. I’m not really a massive fan of detective movies I would go with Zodiac its more of a crime thriller than detective but a great movie none the less. It gives me goosebumps.

  7. The entire Planet of the Apes series – for detectives, hmmm…not as easy. If Jack Reacher was a “detective” perhaps – but Lisbeth Salander is closer to a “detective”

  8. Alien vs Predator and Scream. Would love to win this. Screens broke on my iPad and can’t afford another tablet right now.

  9. ‘Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World’ was an epic sci fi book. Enders game of course was great also.

  10. My favourite Sci-fi is definitely the Matrix (the first one). Otherwise I love Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, it’s one of my go-to movies!

  11. Thank You for this Awesome Opportunity, I am So Excited! My Birthday is on St.Patrick’s Day So I Hope I Get Some of That “Luck of the Irish!” I Love Both Sci-Fi & Detective/Thrillers but I am a Huge Fan of the Paranormal! It’s Hard to Pick Just One of Each but I Will Try My Best! One of My Favorite Sci-Fi Films is “Jurassic Park” & One of My Favorite Detective/Thriller (but More Detective) Films is “Se7en!” A Few Others I Like are “Jaws,” “Constantine,” & “Silence of the Lambs!” Well Thanks Again for the Chance & I Hope You Have a Fantastic Kind of Day!

  12. I used to love the Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oak. One of the only things in common I shared with my mom.

  13. My favorite Sci Fi movie is Alien. My favorite Detective Movie… The Maltese Falcon.

    However, my favorite sci fi series is Farscape.

  14. LOL. I am so old school. The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew were my favorites. My favorite Sci-Fi would be the Matrix Series.

  15. Bond series + Star Wars series + The Abyss… Oh my! Have read These Mean Streets, Darkly – very nice. And nice giveaway. Thank you. GLA

  16. Great Scout , Marty. I luv star wars. . Wow, prize kindle fire is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the kindle fire to work and eat. A life changing exp.

  17. ZBS Radio Show Productions, The Adventures of Ruby, I admired as a teen – I think Ruby 4 had my most special interest. While we’re here, I also used to dash to the radio for Tuesday nights Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on NPR 15 mins a week looong before the movie, and I liked what I saw in my head better. So if you’re looking for feedback, why not a venture or 2 into radio? Ps can i audition can i can i huh? -Well, you asked.

  18. I love Dr. Who and all the Taken movies although I haven’t seen Taken 3 but I’m going to one of these days! I’ve just been so busy!

  19. My favorite sci-fi is Doctor Who with the blend of subtle humor and engaging drama what appeals to me the most. My favorite mystery books are the Nancy Drew series which gave me hours of enjoyment as a child.

  20. Favorite Sci-Fi is Blade Runner and favorite mystery is harder to say as most mystery movies I like would not make it to my list if I had not read the book first to help me understand the movie.

  21. Farscape is my favorite sci fi movies/series followed by Star Trek, especially the reboot movies. Detective books…mmm. Sherlock Holmes will always be a top choice, but I like the JD Robb Eve Dallas series, Rm Ridley’s Tomorrow Wendell. But I can’t think of a detective movie really…I guess SHerlock Holmes again, this time with RDJ!

  22. Starship Troopers is my favorite Science fiction movie and Nora Inu is my favorite mystery movie. Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Star Wars is my favourite SciFi movie (all of them of course) and for detective movies it’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  24. My favorite syfy would have to be Stargate SG1 from 2005ish. and really it’s a collection of episodes. But I have them on dvd so I am perfectly happy to binge watch. lol 🙂

    My favorite detective movie would have to be……. Sherlock Holmes. but I can’t pinpoint just one………….lol

    Thank you for this chance for winning 🙂

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