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Throughout the year, I’m going to offer free ebooks, free excerpts and other special offers and discounts for new subscribers to my bi-weekly newsletter through the website. Current subscribers will continuously have access to all these offers. With all the books scheduled for release next year, there’s a lot of news and updates to put out. So it will always be helpful news, occasionally about the books, more often about the world of the books (including those upcoming), and no junk.

The current featured freebie is my companion novella to my current After Eden science fiction and international thriller series, Metal Flesh (After Eden Tek-Fall, Episode I). There’s very much a dystopian feel to this adventure story.

600x800.jpgHere’s a customer review:

“The Story- The plot is revenge set up in well designed and refreshing environment. The story is quite linear still (It’s probably the intent to show that the character won’t sway from the path and is determined, but the overdose from the drug pushed him forward in the plot instead of slowing him down wasn’t as superb as the rest of the book), Loads of hinted side stories make it fun to read (I, living in UK, really liked the “last British prince” bit).

I really liked the beginning with “the metallic android with worms going through every pore” where I was shaking my head and telling myself…well that’s a bit over the top, but when I learned it’s just a hallucination caused  by side effect of a drug that the character uses to move him closer in his pursuit…nice!

The World- The world is nicely build with religion wars on whole another level and technology embedded in everyday life. For a futuristic novel however I can see very few “new” technologies. Automatically driven cars, drones, mass surveillance is something quite normal… not implemented in everyday life, but it’s the direction we are taking and I can see it becoming standard in near future. In 80 years there should be more… I know it’s easy for me to say, but that’s the feeling i have when reading the book. The setting feels like story from very near future. There is loads of internal USA referencing going on that I can spot, but not relate to.

The Character- The character is taken out of his natural environment and is exposed to “the new.” His naive and explorative nature, is nice. He doesn’t have the “I know it all” attitude and have trust in people, but is determinate, optimistic and brings the child like curiosity to it. In short,it’s very likable character that isn’t afraid to take the back seat and trust in his companions. The Characters fear of Muslims is character flaw that make him more believable in my eyes as he makes the generalisation based on the collective experience of his environment. (I don’t know anything about Islam so it plays on the fear from the unknown string)

Summary – Over the entire book is great, fast pace reading and I had loads of fun with it. I thought about the character even when not reading it and I will definitely try to get the second book you were talking about.

Excellent job.”

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Happy Labor Day Weekend!


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