What Would You Like to See in the Fabled Quest Chronicles?

After 4 years, I’m wrapping up my epic fantasy series, the Fabled Quest Chronicles! But it won’t be just one book (Kingdom at Titan’s End, Book 6). There will be two more prequels! We learned how Traveler became who the man he is in the first prequel, Quest Master—a human who knows as much about the Magical Lands than most fae. Lands than most fae. But we must learn how Traveler met his “dog” and how he obtained his magic sword. So, the series will end with one main novel, two prequels, and two boxsets.

As many of you know, I wanted to create an epic fantasy adventure series with all the things you’d expect: knights, nobles, battles, wizardry, giants, and elves. But also, for those who’ve been enjoying the series, novels that would include many things not present in most high fantasy novels, for example—monsters, monsters, monsters. No dragons (which the series explains), but what about the dozens and dozens of fantastic beasts and frightening creatures from classic mythology. Yes, the mythology is Euro-centric, but for those paying attention we encountered people and monsters from far beyond “Europe” to include Asia, Africa, Australia, etc. (A future Fabled Quest Chronicles, perhaps?) The series also touched on other sub-genres—you know I love genre-blends—such as the supernatural (ghosts, werewolves, and zombies) and sci-fi fantasy (elves in space?!)

For all my epic fantasy fans out there, here’s my question for you:

What Would You Like to See in the Epic Fantasy Series as it Ends?


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