Tek-Fall (The After Eden Series) is the complete two-part mini-series including both Metal Flesh (Episode I) and Hell’s Menagerie (Episode II). It is a companion novel in the After Eden science fiction and international thriller series by Austin Dragon—a dramatic mix of politics, religion, technology, and intrigue. It all leads to the explosion of World War III— the first global war of the Tek Age, a hell we have never seen before.

Metal Flesh: Tek-Fall (Episode I). The sci-fi, adventure follows the hunt for the elusive “Man Made Out of String.”  But who is this contract killer—or what is he? From the tek-cities of America to the Outlands of the Middle East, the sci-fi adventure thriller continues in the year 2093. Tek-World loves its artificial-intelligent mechanization, including robotic pets and ubiquitous drones. But humans have also created machines in their image—robots—using metal instead of flesh.

Hell’s Menagerie: Tek-Fall (Episode II). The sci-fi adventure started in Episode I with the hunt for the elusive “Man Made Out of String.” But it was only the tip of the iceberg for a broader mission for the Faithers. In Episode II, they seek the “Zoo.” Monsters are being made—for study, for amusement, for war—and some have escaped into the wild. From the tek-cities of America to Spanish Australia to secret island locations all over the world, the sci-fi adventure thriller continues in the year 2093. Tek World loves the advancements of modern genetic-engineering to eliminate disease, genetic-designing to pick the traits of offspring, and body-farms to grow and replace damaged limbs and organs—and even to “perfect” the human body. But it hasn’t stopped there. There is a secret bio-tek race by rogue international alliances to create life—bizarre, amazing, and horrifying.

Discover a world of “living” robots and man-made creatures in our future!

a “dark dystopian society depicts our possible future”

“a fast-paced world of gray morality”