Name Reveal!

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My new cyberpunk detective story has a name–Liquid Cool! Danger lurks around every corner in the fifty-million-plus over-city of Metropolis for our detective hero. It’s my reimagined take on the sci-fi sub-genre of cyberpunk. So is it retro neo-cyberpunk? Or Neo retro-cyberpunk? You decide. The novel and its prequel are on their way. Enjoy! #Cyberpunk #ScienceFiction #SciFi

The Two-Headed Snake Part II: Uber-Governments

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Sir Ridley Scott’s 1984 Apple Commercial. — one of greatest commercials of all time (and before he was ‘Sir’) “A Garden of Pure Ideology…We Are One People…We Shall Prevail!”   Now we’re in a world that has depth and reality to me. Not a cyberpunk universe of just evil mega-corporations. A complex cyberpunk universe of mega-corporations and uber-governments. Besides not …

The Two-Headed Snake Part I: Mega-Corporations

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Alien. Robo-Cop. Just a couple of the science-fiction movies where dastardly mega-corporations rule. But that rule is never benevolent–always for profit and power. There is never a concern for the average Joe or Jane on the street. Cyberpunk fiction amplified the portrayal of the corporation (maybe, even capitalism) as the bad guy. Well, I have never been anti-capitalist. I knew people …

Serious Science Fiction: Robots Are Going to Steal Your Job!

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For June, 2015 I’m going to continue with cyberpunk as this month’s theme, that sub-genre of science fiction that has a very grim, dark, seedy view of our collective future. I will soon publish my take on the sub-genre which I outlined in my blog post last month titled: Cyberpunk Re-imagined – you can click HERE to view it. Basically, …