Will Technology Just Kill Us All? (Part I)

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When people think technology, they automatically think of technology—computers, smart-phones, and such, but the post-industrial revolution transformation of the westernized world is far more profound than that. No indoor plumbing, no electricity, no telephone, no mechanical transportation (cars, trains and planes). Yes, for most of the millennia that humans have existed on Earth we didn’t have any of that. You …

World building Part II: The (Sexy) Cyberpunk Way of Liquid Cool

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Atmosphere In my futuristic After Eden series, there are no hover-craft. Terrorism concerns prevent any future of flying cars in cities—except for quasi ones that simply hover above the street. However, in Liquid Cool, it’s quite the opposite. Hover-cars, hover-trucks, hover-bikes, jet-packed police—the sky is filled with something or someone flying around. Both are futuristic realities and believable, but completely …

World building Part I: The (Sexy) Cyberpunk Way of Liquid Cool

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A couple of weeks ago, I attended a WGF (Writers Guild Foundation) event here in Los Angeles. It was a live sit-down interview with writer-producer Frank Spotnitz. He produced/executive produced eight of the nine seasons of THE X-FILES, including writing more than 40 episodes and oversaw the writer’s room.  He worked on multiple series, but of particular interest to me …

Favorite Blog Post #4: Cyberpunk Reimagined

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There’s nothing like creating and then launching a new series. Liquid Cool is my third and it was so much fun to do. I wanted to do a cyberpunk detective novel, but more than that, I wanted to “re-imagine” cyberpunk for 2015 and beyond, as explained in fan favorite blog post, Cyberpunk Re-Imagined. #Cyberpunk #ScienceFiction #BladeRunner

Liquid Cool Cover Reveal!

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Okay, I’ve been teasing my new cyberpunk (sci-fi) detective series for the past few months now. One more tease before the official release—the Cover Reveal! If you haven’t read the prequel excerpts or gotten the entire prequel (short) itself HERE, I’d do so so now because it’s coming… Visit and Follow my Pinterest Liquid Cool page HERE for the inspirational …

My Guest Post at Book Obsessed

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I want to thank Cécile Sune at her blog Book Obsessed for having me as a guest blogger. It ties in very nicely with my own website’s theme for May–cyberpunk! My guest blog touches on the competing views within science fiction–utopian (ie., Star Trek) versus dystopian (most of the YA books and movies these days). Here’s the link to my …

Cyberpunk Reimagined

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Yes, I’m writing a new science fiction series in a sub-genre called cyberpunk. Authors like Philip K. Dick and William Gibson are the most famous; the singular greatest movie of the genre is Ridley’s Scott’s classic Blade Runner from 1982. A few months back, I surveyed my own list of readers and fans to be surprised by the interest in …

Phase I of Austin Dragon’s Writing Universe

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I like the word “phase” in my own life, both personally and professionally, when I’m planning big changes and major goals. Marvel Studios also seems to like that word and is giving us a list of every single, solitary marvel super hero movie to 2020. As an avid comic book collector when I was a kid, and a huge fan …