What is Your Favorite Epic Fantasy?

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Back in 2016, I emailed members of VIP Readers’ Club to ask what genre they’d like to see me write. The overwhelmingly response was an epic fantasy series and my Fabled Quest Chronicles series was born–with the release of Through Titan’s Trail (Book 1) in May 2018. What was supposed to be a trilogy turned into a six-book series with …

What Would You Like to See in the Fabled Quest Chronicles?

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After 4 years, I’m wrapping up my epic fantasy series, the Fabled Quest Chronicles! But it won’t be just one book (Kingdom at Titan’s End, Book 6). There will be two more prequels! We learned how Traveler became who the man he is in the first prequel, Quest Master—a human who knows as much about the Magical Lands than most …

The Sleepy Hollows Box Set is Here!

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Did you know I first wrote the story which became Hollow Blood when I was a kid in middle school? World of Horror: Sleepy Hollow Horrors So while I get the next Fabled Quest Chronicles and Liquid Cool novels ready for release, grab my classic horror mini-series, The Sleepy Hollow Horrors Box Set. About The Sleepy Hollow Horrors

Movie Trailer: The Green Knight

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My foray into the epic fantasy genre began in May 2018 with the release of the first book of my Fabled Quest Chronicles series, Through Titan’s Trail. Back then, it was supposed to be a trilogy—but is anything just a trilogy anymore these days? I released Book 5, Siren Storms of Madness just last month. Well, as I wrap up …

Name Reveal: Liquid Cool Book 10!

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Hello Readers! We just finished another Kindle and Books Giveaway in anticipation of my next epic fantasy novel Fabled Quest Chronicles Book 5 — Siren Storms of Madness! It’s in the hands of the editors so not long to wait. But many have also asked. Where’s Cruz? Yes, the next Liquid Cool, sci-fi detective novel will be this year too. …

2020 Year-End Holiday Sales

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In 2020, was the release of The Forest of Ancients, Book 4 the latest novel in my epic fantasy series, the Fabled Quest Chronicles—followed by the prequel, Quest Master! The amazing caravan of humans, elves, giants, other fae, and fantastic animals led by the mysterious human named Traveler and his “dog” continues into the Great Forest. What’s next in 2021? –because …

7 Essential Elements of My Fabled Quest Chronicles Series

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I surveyed my VIP Readers’ Club back in 2015/16 and asked what other genre or sub-genre they’d like to see me write. Overwhelmingly the response was epic fantasy. In 2018, I published the first of my epic fantasy adventure series, the Fabled Quest Chronicles with the first novel, Through Titan’s Trail. It’s 2020 and we’re coming to the end of …