Liquid Cool Cover Reveal!

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Okay, I’ve been teasing my new cyberpunk (sci-fi) detective series for the past few months now. One more tease before the official release—the Cover Reveal! If you haven’t read the prequel excerpts or gotten the entire prequel (short) itself HERE, I’d do so so now because it’s coming… Visit and Follow my Pinterest Liquid Cool page HERE for the inspirational …

These Mean Streets, Darkly (A Liquid Cool Prequel)

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NEW RELEASE! Yes, the prequel to my upcoming cyberpunk detective series, Liquid Cool, is here! You can read the free excerpt HERE and/or get your copy today HERE. It’s to hold you over until Liquid Cool is released. It will be my genre blend of science fiction (specifically, cyberpunk) and mystery (specifically, detective thriller) which happen to be two of my …

Serious Science Fiction: The Digital Technology Time Bomb?

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Is it just me or the number of hacks into public databases seem to be growing? Even more disturbing is that it’s not merely mom-and-pop businesses, but multi-national corporations; and it’s not just some local government office but the Social Security Administration, the FBI, and even the White House. Article: Hackers stole Social Security Numbers from 21.5 Million, Gov’t Admits …

My July 2015 Summer Reading Offerings to You!

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For those in America, I hope you had a great July 4th holiday! Well, now that we’re back the theme for this month is Summer Reading! I’m featuring three selections for your consideration—two new and one re-release as part of my “triple-feature” campaign. First is the latest of my ongoing After Eden science fiction series with Pure Conspiracy.   Pure …

Name Reveal!

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My new cyberpunk detective story has a name–Liquid Cool! Danger lurks around every corner in the fifty-million-plus over-city of Metropolis for our detective hero. It’s my reimagined take on the sci-fi sub-genre of cyberpunk. So is it retro neo-cyberpunk? Or Neo retro-cyberpunk? You decide. The novel and its prequel are on their way. Enjoy! #Cyberpunk #ScienceFiction #SciFi

My Guest Post at Book Obsessed

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I want to thank Cécile Sune at her blog Book Obsessed for having me as a guest blogger. It ties in very nicely with my own website’s theme for May–cyberpunk! My guest blog touches on the competing views within science fiction–utopian (ie., Star Trek) versus dystopian (most of the YA books and movies these days). Here’s the link to my …

Cyberpunk Reimagined

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Yes, I’m writing a new science fiction series in a sub-genre called cyberpunk. Authors like Philip K. Dick and William Gibson are the most famous; the singular greatest movie of the genre is Ridley’s Scott’s classic Blade Runner from 1982. A few months back, I surveyed my own list of readers and fans to be surprised by the interest in …

Pure Conspiracy and the After Eden Series: Advocacy Fiction?

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Well, I’m back from my writer’s “vacation.”  After not writing a word of fiction in over fifteen years, what made me pick up the pen (or the laptop) in 2011 with my first novel, Thy Kingdom Fall? Was it an idea tormenting me to put it to paper? Was I burning to make a point? A story was dying to be told …

First Blog Tour and Giveaway of 2015–A Great Success!

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Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. Well, last month was crazy! But it was a good crazy with my “Nice Horrible Things” Blog Tour and $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway. I want to thank everyone who entered the giveaway. Out of over 10,000 people, we had three winners: Ron G., Lori D., and Amy O. Congratulations! It was our …

Cover Reveal and Contest

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Giveaway Contest: Only 8 Days! Just eight days left until the end of our “Nice Horrible Things” Blog Tour and Amazon Gift Card Giveaway, so there’s still time to enter if you haven’t done so. This is our first giveaway of 2015 to celebrate the new releases: my continuing After Eden science fiction series with Hell’s Menagerie, and the debut of my …