Minotaurs, Manticores, and More

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As my readers know, I write the stories that would captivate me. So, I finished Book One of my Fabled Quest Chronicles: Through Titan’s Trail and I said, “Don’t stop the story yet! What happens next?” If that was my reaction, I knew it would be yours. The book’s initial reviews also reflect that. REVIEWS Fantastic Start to a Fun …

Intro – Through Titan’s Trail: (Fabled Quest Chronicles, Book 1)

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Introduction Once upon a time… The known world of Pan-Earth, or the Lands of Man, was divided into the major continental regions of Larentia, Gondwana, Oceania, Laurasia, Baltica, Avalonia, and the uninhabited Borea. Of all the Seven Empires, however, it was only Avalonia, at its northernmost tip, that possessed the sole legendary gateway to the realm of the Magical Lands. …

Cover Reveal: New Fantasy Series!

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Last month, you got the Name Reveal of both the series and the debut novel–Through Titan’s Trail (Fabled Quest Chronicles, Book 1). This month is the reveal of the new cover above! The release date is May 1st! You can Pre-Order HERE! As many of you know, I love working with artists for my books. Well, I found a great …

Liquid Cool Loves Blade Runner Kindle-iPad & Books Super Giveaway

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In anticipation of both the US release of the Blade Runner 2049 movie and the Liquid Cool releases of Book Five (I, Alien Hunter) and Book Six (A.I. Confidential) on October 6th, we kick off our biggest giveaway yet! Our new “Liquid Cools Loves Blade Runner” Kindle, iPad & Books Super Giveaway begins Friday, September 15th and ends Monday, October …

Liquid Cool: Latest Novels and More!

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It’s funny when I look back at it. I was first working on my new Liquid Cool cyberpunk detective series in 2015 and wanted to share, so I wrote a quick prequel (These Mean Streets, Darkly). It introduced readers to the Liquid Cool universe but…more than a few of you were annoyed and said “love it! But now what? Where’s the …

Top 10 Themes of My New Cyberpunk Sci-Fi (Liquid Cool: The Series)

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There are a lot of sub-genres in science fiction and I’ll be writing in quite a few of them. However, for Liquid Cool, my sci-fi detective thriller series I chose cyberpunk. But it’s my cyberpunk reimagined! Authors like Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, and Neal Stephenson are the most famous and the singular greatest movie of the genre is Sir …

My “Smooth & Cool Sci-Fi” Group Author Ebook Giveaway!

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Yes, I’m hosting something new! From August 7th through September 7th, 24 authors (myself included) are offering one of our sci-fi books for free through InstaFreebie. You can download as many as you like—your chance to stock up on your summer reading! Click HERE and join our exclusive group author giveaway for the month of August through after Labor Day.

Austin’s Writing Madness. What’s Next?

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With half the year gone, my VIP Readers’ Club Members got the full rundown of current and future writing projects. I did something similar last year, so maybe it’ll be an annual email. So what is next? This is my 5th year as a published author and I already have 15 unique book titles—and the year isn’t even over yet. …

18 Months of Liquid Cool: What I Learned

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I started my published author career with the After Eden Series and then added The Sleepy Hollow Horrors series two years later. It was the end of 2014 when I mapped out what my next series would be. I had planned four of them, one of which was the Liquid Cool series. So far it has been overwhelmingly the most successful …