AD Launch Team


Though we still call it a “Street Team,” most of the activities are online these days. For years, I’ve called mine my Launch Team VIPs.

For this new exclusive group, I’m looking to add new passionate and engaged readers to help me spread the word about my books and upcoming book series! For those already on the team, I’ll be able to better manage activities, offer all kinds of incentives and rewards, and provide more opportunities for discussion. I enjoy writing my books; you enjoy reading them. As an indie author, I need YOUR help to launch my books to success and get them into the hands (or on the e-readers) of new avid readers. The new group will be THE DRAGON’S DEN!


In the past, a street team was the term used in marketing to describe a group of people who “hit the streets” promoting an event or product.  

The primary purpose is to 1) gain a lot of reviews for my books, 2) get valuable feedback on new books, including pesky typos that slipped through or formatting issues, and 3) help launch new books and series to bestseller status by spreading the word far and wide.

Benefits of THE DRAGON DEN:

  • Free Books!!! 
  • Advance Reader Copies for Beta Readers and Reviewers
  • Exclusive Giveaways, Contests, and Prizes
  • Exclusive Previews and Insider News — before anyone else!
  • Access to Street Team-Only Blog Articles
  • Street Team-Only Swag Promotions
  • Advance Sneak Peeks of New Book Titles, New Series, and Upcoming Cover Art
  • Graphics to Post (Facebook/Blogs), Pin, or Tweet
  • Special Offers: character dossiers/diaries, maps, etc.
  • Exclusive Street Team Polls and Surveys


  1. Member can request and review one book at a time. You don’t have to read all the books in a series or had to have read all the previous ones to read a new book. If you’re a fan of only one particular series and no others, that’s fine too. There will be one or two “featured” books per month. You pick the one(s) to Read and Review, or skip the month altogether.
  2. Book reviews have to be posted on Amazon at a minimum. Amazon is the #1 place where people buy books and your reviews help to sell them in a big way! However, we love our readers on Apple, B&N, Kobo, and Goodreads too. Reviews there are a welcome bonus.
  3. Honest Reviews. If you’re not into a book, that’s completely fine. As a multi-genre author I will always give you as much detail as possible about a book, so you can decide if it’s a good match for the kind of book you would like. However, if it’s not for you, then there’s no harm in that.
  4. Life. I totally understand that unexpected things come up. So if you can’t finish reviewing a book or beta reading one, that’s fine too. Members are allowed 3 DNFs (Did Not Finish) for books they agreed to review by downloading before being removed from the Street Team. This is not a penalty at all, but for me to better manage my time and expectations. I’m writing a lot of books! Those removed will simply be added back to the general VIP Readers’ Club group.
  5. Ask. As with any of my VIP Readers’ Club members, if you have a question or comment, always free to just email me.