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May 2016 Theme: The After Eden Series: Tek-Fall

When you’re a multi-genre author like I am, you have two choices. Either you can work on multiple projects at the same time, or you can move from one project to the next. In 2015, it was definitely juggling multiple projects at the same time—I released 9 titles last year! I won’t be doing that again! One of those titles was my After Eden Tek-Fall series which was just released in paperback.

The After Eden series is my epic international, science fiction series about the people and events leading to (and including) WW III. It is my first series and still going. Liquid Cool is my latest series—action, fun, crazy maniacs, and laughs in an ever-rainy cyberpunk world. It’s the complete flipside of the After Eden series. But my After Eden Tek-Fall miniseries is in many ways the bridge between the two series. No, each series occupies its own unique universe, but Tek-Fall blended the feel of these two distinct science fiction series.

In Tek-Fall, Episode I, Metal Flesh, we explore the theme of “living” robots. In Episode II, Hell’s Menagerie, the mini-series concludes with man-made creatures and human clones. In both cases, it is for military efforts—and we know without the hints, that both will play significant roles in the upcoming world war.

With Tek-Fall out in paperpack now, I decided to also release its ebook version. Previously, the miniseries was available in ebook form only in separate parts. Now, it’s combined, so you can grab the most “cyberpunkish” of my epic After Eden series now.


As a multi-genre author, my current series are:

THE LIQUID COOL SERIES is my new cyberpunk detective thriller series. See the Series Page HERE.

THE AFTER EDEN SERIES is my current science fiction and international thriller series. The latest novel is Pure Conspiracy! See the Series Page HERE.

THE SLEEPY HOLLOW HORRORS is my two-part classic horror series. The next chapter in the Ichabod Crane “disappearance.” See the Series Page HERE


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