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September 2016 Theme: Summer’s End Kindles & Books Super Giveaway!


Oh, no! Summer is almost over. That’s too fast.

So what do we have planned this month? We’ve had a few big Kindle giveaways this year, but this time, we’re adding something else—due to popular demand.

This month’s super giveaway will be Kindles and books! Two lucky winners will get the Kindle prize and two lucky winners will win book prizes.

It all begins September 9th!

Featured Blog Post

When you’ve written quite a few articles over the years, there will be those that stand out and reach that level of “Favorites”. I’ve written on The Walking Dead as great drama, chain-smoking albino midgets, and even showed off some of my favorite inspirational cyberpunk/sci-fi art, but none have generated anywhere as much engagement (and controversy) as when I dared publish my blog post titled: Top Ten Reasons Why Star Wars Sucked (about Star Wars: The Force Awakens).

What do you think?


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THE AFTER EDEN SERIES is my current science fiction and international thriller series. The latest novel is Pure Conspiracy! See the Series Page HERE.


THE LIQUID COOL SERIES is my new cyberpunk detective thriller series. See the Series Page HERE.

THE SLEEPY HOLLOW HORRORS is my two-part classic horror series. The next chapter in the Ichabod Crane “disappearance.” See the Series Page HERE

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"It was a standard five-seater hovercraft with its two officers in full silver-and-black body-armored uniforms and visored half-helmets."
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"The police cruiser glided through the sky thirty-feet above all the normal congested traffic."
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