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June 2016 Theme: The After Eden Series (Book One)

Last month, we talked about the After Eden companion miniseries, Tek-Fall. This month we cover where it all began three years ago—Thy Kingdom Fall. The After Eden Series is my first and most ambitious and this is where I began my “hobby” as a published author.

How would I describe The After Eden Series (subtitled: The Genesis of World War III)? Dystopian science fiction, religious science fiction, international thriller, political, controversial, provocative, and much more. Do you need to be religious to enjoy it? Absolutely not, but religion (both good and bad) plays a very big role in this upcoming war. Just look at how the book begins with a flash-forward of the attack on New York’s Three Towers known as “Wolf 359”.

With the release of the fourth main book in the series (and marking a significant benchmark in the seven-book series) later this year, I’ll revisit each of the first three books—a book a month—with month-long blog posts. This month is Thy Kingdom Fall, where it all began, which had the unenviable task of introducing readers to our “new” world, 80 years in the future—the good, the bad, and the quite disturbing.

So is Thy Kingdom Fall and The After Eden Series predicting our future?

Check out the book and the blog posts all this month.

You can get a preview of the first three books and a full ebook novel download, both Free HERE.

You can also get the full ebook novel Free, Pure Conspiracy (Book 4) on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, B&N and everywhere HERE.


As a multi-genre author, my current series are:

THE LIQUID COOL SERIES is my new cyberpunk detective thriller series. See the Series Page HERE.

THE AFTER EDEN SERIES is my current science fiction and international thriller series. The latest novel is Pure Conspiracy! See the Series Page HERE.

THE SLEEPY HOLLOW HORRORS is my two-part classic horror series. The next chapter in the Ichabod Crane “disappearance.” See the Series Page HERE


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