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July 2016 Theme: Our Latest Kindle Giveaway!

I had my July theme all planned out two months ago, but then Brexit happened (reporters love to make up new words and phrases). My goodness, what’s with all the world elites dumping on the UK? If the British people want to leave the EU, then so be it! It’s their right. If I could, I’d buy you all a pint. I was going to do our next Kindle Giveaway next month but—nahh!—let’s do it this month.

So a new Kindle Giveaway to celebrate my upcoming new Box Set release of my cyberpunk detective series, Liquid Cool. “It’s Blade Runners Meets The Maltese Falcon” with “Lots of shooting, lots of crazy maniacs, lots of action and fun!” And let’s celebrate the UK too—just because we can.

(Full disclosure: I love the UK, love British movies, watch a lot of British TV, and lived in Europe for a year—though not in the UK)

The Liquid Cool “UK Invasion” Kindle Giveaway begins July 5th and ends of July 30th.

Blade Runner Meets The Maltese Falcon 2


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