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February 2018 Theme: Worlds of Epic Fantasy!

Yes, I’m hard at work on my new epic fantasy series. Actually, my VIP Readers’ Club members picked the genre from a list of four. Fantasy was the overwhelming top choice!

Last year was dominated by new releases of my cyberpunk detective series, Liquid Cool. This year, I return to a more balance writing and release schedule. However, I do believe this new fantasy series will dominate. It will be less Game of Thrones and more Lord of the Rings. But, as with all my series, I put my own unique spin on things.

In the months to come will be more, I will focus my article blog posts on the series until the release. I won’t make the same mistake as when I launched my Liquid Cool series. Readers appreciated the release of the prequel, but said: “Give me the rest of the series!” Well, I’m releasing three novels at a time and a prequel, all at the same time!

The Name and Cover Reveal of the new series will be coming soon, but until then here’s my latest article to give you an overview of some of the series’ themes: Click here to read more.

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