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What is “Thrillers in All Time and Space?”

For the last two years, my After Eden science-fiction and international thriller series has been my only one. However, starting next year, I will not only be releasing new science fiction series but new thriller novels in horror, fantasy, mystery and YA.


Our Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Ends

To celebrate our new website and upcoming multiple genre book releases we’re giving away Gift Cards to three lucky winners! We’ll announce the winners November 8th. It was a great success. Thanks to the nearly 2,000 entrants! 

We love contests and giveaways and plan to have others for 2015 too! 

November’s Theme: It’s All About the Readers & Fans

For November 2014, the plan was for it to be Young Adult (YA) month, just like October was Horror month and before that the theme was Sci-Fi. But actually we already have this month’s theme: you! We’ve concluded our “Thrillers In All Time and Space” $100 Amazon Gift Card Contest and now we have two promotions this month. The first is the free e-book of my sci-fi novella Metal Flesh on Noise Trade (click on the cover to the right to get your download or here) and full e-book of my third After Eden science fiction thriller Rising Leviathan at Net Galley.

We getting closer to the holidays! Yes, believe it our not we’re coming to the end of 2014.

Featured Freebie!

Yes, sign-up today to not only get your FREE PDF excerpt of my first three books in my science fiction and international After Eden thriller series (Thy Kingdom Fall, Stars and Scorpions, and Rising Leviathan), but all the latest news, special offers and discounts for my upcoming novels in science fiction, fantasy, mystery, YA, and horror. BONUS: This will include ongoing sneak peeks and previews of all future books!

About the After Eden Series

It is the morning of September 11, 2125. The New York City police commissioner stands on the 170th floor of the Three Towers clutching his chest above his heart in shock. The sky goes dark, filled with dozens of them—the opening attack of World War III! Not merely the planet’s third global war, but the first one of the Tek Age—a hell we have never seen before.

Thirty-seven years earlier…

Read Sample Chapters of the First Three Books Below:

Thy Kingdom Fall (Book #1): Read Chapter One Here!

Stars & Scorpions (Book #2): Read Chapter One Here!

Rising Leviathan (Book #3): Read Chapter One Here!

And you can get a fourth book, The After Eden Series: Tek-Fall companion e-book, Metal Flesh, for FREE! Sign-up above. (Featured Freebie)


“This futuristic thriller will grab you and take you on an emotional, spiritual, and political ride that you won’t forget. I loved it!”

“Political leaders are so well-written that I was able to actually see them and hear their speeches. The reference to the Three Towers was especially lifelike and chilling. It feels very current as you move through the book, even though it’s futuristic. As the overall tones changed and shifted back and forth from gloomy to dire to entertaining, I felt myself really understand that this was a thriller in its true sense. A page-turner for certain – you won’t be disappointed. I will be purchasing the complete series as quickly as the author completes them.”

“The future is no Garden of Eden, and Austin Dragon writes a sharp, realistic picture of just what to possibly expect. As a vivid techno-thriller, drones and computers watch and monitor everything in our futuristic world. But the real test is whether they will be enough to help stop World War III.”

“Fraught with murder, conspiracy, deft political maneuvers, abolishment of religion as we know it, and a growing dependency on technology fuse together to create a sprawling plot that completely sucked me in from page one.”

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