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Giveaways by Author Austin Dragon

1. Our Giveaways are for Booklovers. Sure, you don’t have to buy anything and you don’t even have to be a reader to enter to win. But we’d like our Kindle Giveaways to go to people who want to read books! We’re just saying. Just read the comments sections of any of our past giveaways and see how many people really, really want a Kindle or any e-reader to read some good books.

2. Enter With Just an Email. As you can see there are multiple ways to get additional entries. However, all you need to enter the Giveaway is your email, date of birth (18 and older), and reading this page. That's it; you're in. But if you want more bonus entries (all that you can handle), then you have lot a lot of options to get more chances at winning the prize.

3. Have a Valid Email and Respond. If you enter our giveaway, make sure it’s a valid email and that you respond if we contact you! It’s strange to us but after a few of these big giveaways, we’ve actually notified people that they’ve won and then….silence. The 24 hours passed and we picked someone else–who didn’t hesitate to quickly respond. But why would someone enter a giveaway and then disappear when the big notification of the winner or winners comes around? We’re serious about giving away our prizes. We’re not like other companies, where you have to wait six weeks or even months. We’ve had giveaways end on a Thursday, winners respond right away, and their shiny prizes were in hand that same weekend—even for those who were overseas! Yep, I want you to have my prize fast, but you have to respond in time.

4. You’re Joining the “VIP Readers’ Club” (New and Improved Starting July 2016!) By entering our giveaways, you’re joining my VIP Readers’ Club, but you can Unsubscribe at anytime. At the end of the giveaway, I send out an email to thank everyone for participating. I was raised with manners, so that’s just natural and automatic for me. Again, it seems a lot of companies and people that host giveaways don’t do that, but I do. My manners should not be a cause for concern or surprise though. I promise I’m a good person. Again, you can stay a VIP Member or just Unsubscribe with that same email.

5. No Spam. Regarding my VIP Readers’ Club, I hate spam too. I don’t spam anyone, so please don’t report my email as spam. Simply Unsubscribe—no hard feelings, at all. VIP members get access to book news, special announcements, and great offers (including free stuff). I’m even working on a few surprises, when I’m not writing, of course. However, you'll get no more than two emails from me a month, often only one.

So enjoy our Kindle Giveaway, earn more chances to win, spread the word, and have some fun!

Thanks again, and good luck!


Author Austin Dragon